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Lemongrass Thai Cuisine


Duck Curry

Home made roast duck in red or green curry with mixed vegetables


Thai BBQ Chicken Curry

Home made grilled marinated chicken cooked in red curry with mixed vegetables


Lemongrass Chicken

Grilled chicken marinated with lemongrass and Thai herb served with side steamed veges


Spicy BBQ Salad (medium)

Traditional Thai salad with less spice


Drunken Chicken (medium)

Stir fried minced chicken with basil paste and dash of thai whiskey


Cheesy Lamb

Stir fried lamb with veges in Thai sauce topped with NZ cream cheese


Moo Ma-Nao (medium)

Stir fried pork belly with veges, fresh chilli, and a dash of lime juice


Moo-Krob Sam Ros (mild)

House-made roast pork belly stir-fried with mild chilli paste and veges


Massaman Lamb shank (mild)

Lamb shank slow-cooked in Massaman curry sauce


Creamy Tom yum Trio (medium)

The trio(prawns, scallops and fish) with tomato,red onion and mushroom in creamy Tom Yum soup


Pad Khing duck (mild)

Duck stir-fried with veges and ginger



Thai Satay (4 pcs)

Marinated chicken tenderloins in Thai style served with satay sauce


Thai Spring Roll (4 pcs)

Pork, veges, vermicelli spring roll


Gari Puff (4 pcs)

Deep fried mince chicken, kumara and onion wrapped in puff pastry


Thai Chicken Wings (4 pcs)

Chicken wings marinated in Thai sauce


Moo Ping (4 pcs)

Skewers of grilled pork marinated with honey and Thai sauce


Todman Kao Pod (4 pcs)

Fried corn patties served with sweet chilli sauce


Golden Triangle (4 pcs)

Rice and veges wrapped in pastry


Money Bag (4 pcs)

Chicken and shrimp mince wrapped in pastry


Todman Pla (4 pcs)

Traditional Thai fish cakes


Pinky in the Blanket (4 pcs)

King prawns wrapped in pastry


Roti with Satay Sauce


6 Pieces of combination appertizer



Tom Yum 🌶

Hot and sour soup with mushrooms, tomato and onion, chicken or prawn


Tom Kha

Chicken or seafood in coconut milk soup


Vegetable Soup

Mixed vege in clear broth



Pad Med Mamuang

(the popular dish)

Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and seasonal vegetables in Thai sauce


Pad Phed 🌶

Stir fried beef with capsicum, baby corn and mushroom in Thai red curry sauce, krachai, and fresh chilli


Pad Khing


Stir fried chicken, pork or beef with ginger and vegetables


Pad Nam Man Hoi

Stir fried chicken, pork or beef with vegetables in oyster sauce


Pad Kratiam Prik Thai

Stir fried chicken, pork or beef, carrot and cucumber with garlic, pepper and coriander


Pad Satay Sauce

Stir fried chicken, pork or beef with Thai satay sauce and vegetables topped with crushed peanut


Furious Chicken 🌶🌶

Stir fried chicken with mixture of fresh chilli, ginger, baby corn, red curry paste and vegetables. This is the hottest dish we can cook for you


Pad Preaw Wan

Stir fried chicken or pork with sweet and sour vegetables


Gai Goong Sam Ros (mild)

Mixed king prawns and chicken stir fried with vegetables in mild chilli paste


Thai BBQ Pork

250 gms. Grilled marinated pork served with vegetables and sweet chilli sauce


Cheesy Beef

Stir fried beef and vegetables in oyster sauce topped with NZ cream cheese



Preaw Wan Goong

Sweet & sour king prawns stir fried with cucumber, carrot, tomato and celery


Goong Pad Broccoli

Stir fried king prawns with broccoli, carrot, baby corn and mushroom in Thai sauce


Goong Plamuck Kratiam Prik Thai

Mixed king prawns and squid stir fried with garlic, pepper and coriander


Sweet Chilli Seafood

King prawns and squid stir fried with veges in sweet chilli sauce


Gaeng Keow Wan (medium)

Thai green curry with king prawns or salmon


Gaeng Dang Talay 🌶

Thai red curry with mixed seafood


Talay Pad Phed 🌶

Stir fried mixed seafood with Thai red hot chilli paste


Choo Chee (mild)

Fish or scallops sautéed in curry sauce with pineapple & veges


Sweet & Sour Fish

Stir fried fish topped with veges in sweet & sour fish


Pla Sam Ros (mild)

Stir fried fish & veges in mild chilli sauce


Pepper Fish

Lightly battered fish, fried then sautéed in Thai sauce, pepper and a pinch of salt


Sweet Chilli Salmon

Lightly battered salmon stir fried in sweet chilli sauce & veges



Tom Kha Pug (mild)

Vegetables in coconut soup


Pad Pug Med

Stir fried mixed vegetables with cashew nuts in Thai sauce


Pad Thai J

Stir fried white noodle with seasonal vegetables and egg


Pad Pug Satay

Stir fried mixed vegetables with Thai satay sauce topped with crushed peanut



Thai Green Curry (medium)

Your choice of chicken, pork or beef with mixed vegetables


Thai Red Curry 🌶

Your choice of chicken, pork or beef with mixed vegetables


Thai Yellow Curry (medium)

Your choice of chicken, pork or beef with potato and onion topped with dried onion


Thai Panang Curry (mild)

Your choice of chicken, pork or beef with potato and onion topped with crushed peanut


Thai Jungle Curry 🌶🌶

Traditional Thai curry with pork or chicken and vegetables (no coconut cream)


Massaman Curry (medium)

Thai thick beef curry with kumara, onion, tomato and peanuts



Pad Thai

Popular fried white-noodle with bean sprout, chicken or seafood





Kao Pad

Fried rice with chicken, beef or pork / or seafood in Thai style


Satay Noodle

Stir fried white noodles with combination meat or seafood & veges in satay sauce


Combination Meat



Thai Jasmine Rice


Rice Noodle


Egg Fried Rice




Coconut Rice



Lemon & Passionfruit Cheesecake

Lemon cheesecake topped with passion fruit sauce served with vanilla ice cream


Toffee Cake

Mocha cake glazed with caramel & cashew nuts served with vanilla ice cream


Sweet Sticky Rice

Served with mango and vanilla ice cream


Chocolate Whiskey Cake

Moist chocolate cake infused with whiskey syrup, served with vanilla ice cream



Coke Can


Coke Zero Can


Sprite Can


Sprite Zero Can


Fanta Can


L&P Can



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